The Pits TV is a privately run company that uses the services of volunteers to operate. Please be aware that any views expressed on our Radio or TV Shows are not the views of any Directors, Advertisers or Volunteers. Please note that The Pits Media cannot control comments or opinions of some of its workers/ volunteers outside theactivities of The Pits Media and cannot or will not be held accountable for any such comments.

Furthermore The Pits Media Advertisers do not share the views or any comments made by any of The Pits Media's volunteers/workers outside the day to day operation of the company.

If you wish to lay a complaint about one of The Pits Media's Volunteers/Workers, then please do it via forwarding an email to thepits@xtra.co.nz stating the day of the complaint and the nature of what the complaint is. Furthermore, if you think that The Pits Media has breached any broadcasting standards you can click the link to the following web address: https://www.bsa.govt.nz/complaints/make-a-complaint/

Thank You
Jason Gutteridge - Director - The Pits Media
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